Go away! Funny that IMDB doesn’t even know that. Whatever Happened to Penelope Ann Miller? "[3], Actor Gedde Watanabe, a Japanese American from Ogden, Utah, was cast as Long Duk Dong in what was "his big Hollywood break". "[2], Of Dong's love interest who is physically larger than him, Kent Ono and Vincent Pham write in Asian Americans And The Media, "The gender roles are switched. [1], In 2011, Susannah Gora, writing about the 1980s films of John Hughes, said, "The only significant non-white character in any of these films is also the basest caricature of all: Long Duk Dong... A heightened national sense of cultural sensitivity (or political correctness, depending on how you look at it) swept America and the movie studios in the early nineties, and so the 1980s were, in many ways, the last moment when racially questionable jokes regularly found their place in mainstream comedies. Don't want neighbors complaining and definitely don't want to get evicted if it actually happens to be a zero tolerance policy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wong said, "If you're being called Long Duk Dong, you're comic relief amongst a sea of people unlike you." As someone who has designed databases in the past this argument makes me as furious as the friend who says "I want to make an app" but has never written a program in their life. Watanabe said the rap went something like: 'I like Coca-Cola, lady skate roller, rock 'n' rolla'". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. “Sixteen Candles” (1984), Ringwald’s first movie with director John Hughes, was one of my favorites. He said, "I was making people laugh. “Where is my automobile?” Man I loved the Donger. "They were taunted with quotes of Dong's stilted English lines, such as ... 'Oh, sexy girlfriend.' Clearly not from the same game. I was a little bit ignorant, too, because I grew up in Utah. Long Duk Dong: Last of the Hollywood Stereotypes. [5], Watanabe said some sequences with Long Duk Dong were left out of the final cut of the movie including a scene with him and his love interest in bed smoking and a rap performance at the school dance which got everyone dancing. Don't drink and smoke kids. Samantha: “You do it on a cloud without getting pregnant or herpes.” Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. Whatever Happened to the Cast of Blue Crush? It seems as though the tunnel method could easily happen on accident. This is the best 'Rocky' film since the original, This story has been shared 501,381 times.

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