Make sure you’ve got ideal stats, skills, and perks for your Rangers. There are many interesting and tempting Character Quirks, check for yourself but remember the penalty. In addition, this Wasteland 3 Guide will reveal the location of all the rarest pieces of equipment and the game’s best secrets.

After touring your dilapidated Ranger HQ, you’ll head to Downtown Colorado Springs, the first major settlement you’ll encounter in Wasteland 3.

If you deny to help them skip to when you come back to Mama Cotter. Travel to Denver Ruins and Extract Valor Buchanan from the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins. Explore a frigid new wasteland in Wasteland 3. NOTE: If you select this option the Gippers won't interact with you anymore. 1. If you want to check an overview of a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page. About Apart from that, make sure you're well-stocked with Antidote items, you'll need it.

To complete this mission interact with the Kodiak located at the end of the Ambush Site. Here, you’ll also venture within the Garden of the Gods. Now, during your meeting with Angela's agent, you'll be attacked by Scars. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you travel to Aspen to search for Vic, you'll need to upgrade the chassis of the Kodiak in order for it to handle the radiation you'll pass before reaching the mission's location. You'll fight against x3 Breathers, x3 Crazers, and 1x Fumer.

La Loca can be found inside a freezer room in the kitchen. You  need to find a way to the top of the dam. Press the button to lower a locked door in the backroom of the museum. The, Once the site is secure head back to The Patriarch at Colorado Springs to earn your reward.
This will decimate a portion of the dorseys awaiting you below. With this, the storyline will come to an end.

If you decided to aid Mama Cotter you won't be able to recruit him and you will lose reputation towards the Hundred Families. Tell him that you’ll tend to the patients (First Aid 1). Contact Me The choices towards Ash when you break into the room include freeing him, attacking, or arresting him.

Make decisions that favor them, or send your prisoners to Sheriff Daisy, to earn some rep. You can learn more via our factions guide. Some parts of the equipment have Strength requirements, you should remember about this for characters that you want to equip, e.g. Instead, head north and offer to help the Casady couple get rid of the Dorseys hiding in their store.

Wasteland 3 walkthrough: Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan? Character Perks provide passive bonuses and abilities. Unlockable Non-Skill Perks also do not require Skill, but require unlocking them during the game. Deth will fight alongside you, as well as her crew.

There are definitely more around, but he doesn't know anyone. Nex,t there will be some mechanical turrets and breathers when you reach the Patriarch Wing. There's a Broken Valve and a Computer. He told us to get the base up and running with the help of Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski.

Important: Lucia Wesson is a unique companion in Wasteland 3. The Gift/Breathers: If this faction survives, you'll learn that they've left Colorado and explored the mountains.

We have to get back to Colorado Springs. The amount of available ammunition in the game is limited.

Next, take a look at the wounded and you’ll be told of the medicine they need: med pack, suture kit, and injury kit. You can open containers here (one requires Lockpicking 4), and some have RPG/rocket launchers and armor mods.

IGN's Wasteland 3 complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Wasteland 3.
You can use your Hard Ass or Kiss Ass skills to convience the stalker to let go the hostage. In the area to the east, you’ll spot a gang of thieves. On this page of the Wasteland 3 game guide, you will learn more about the combat mechanics - its turn-based format, team management, shield system, and effects on the characters. The door behind him leads to a makeshift clinic where you’ll find Doc Parker.

You can decide if you want to kill them or not. Continue inside the lodge and you'll find a group of Breathers. Revealed and detailed maps for the Wasteland 3 video game.

Depending on your decision, you’ll fight Deth out here, or join her to overthrow the Patriarch. No rep is lost if you kills Ash,  He has a defusal kit on his body that will give you +1 to explosives.). If you look the other way she will provide you with the Garage Mechanics. The other side of the museum also has the Sans Luxe Apartments and Little Vegas, but we can’t go to these destinations yet. Magistrate — Asks you to pay $200; new options via Kiss Ass 4 or Barter 4. The Charisma Attribute is moderately important as you don’t need this attribute to recruit people.

Once you've rescued all of the hostages in Raising a Little Hell, you'll continue on this mission. Serial Killer can be a good solution for a Sniper firing effectively from a distance.

Each Skill has 10 ranks, the cost of upgrading a Skill to the next rank increases as it rises and goes from 1 Skill Point per rank to 6 Skill Points per 10th rank.

Here’s our full game walkthrough to help you out every step of the way. Our new HQ will only be as useful as the people we can recruit.

He will tell you that he can offer you his caravan services to take the refugees to Colorado Springs, you have three options, Head back to Downtown Colorado Springs and confront Mama Cotter you can find her in front of the garage area. This mission can be unlocked after completing Home Away from Home. Retake control of Ranger HQ: You must fight your way through to the three computer consoles placed at the Armory, Brig and Garage to disable the system alert on each of them. Note: For more locations or quests, you can head back to our walkthrough’s main page. Destruction and chaos follow them, and the people of Colorado will hate you for what you've done.

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