The 6,300-square-metre (68,000 sq ft)[citation needed] World Trade Center Plaza is designed to be a centre of gastronomy opposite Towers Square and Bonavita St.

The work of sculptor José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín (1891–1975), it is a three-sided granite obelisk, 40 metres (130 ft) tall, with bronze statues on its three sides, representing "Law", "Liberty", and "Force", respectively. Fortaleza del Cerro overlooks the bay of Montevideo. On their grounds, they started a private collection of animals that became a zoological garden and was passed to the city in 1919;[81] in 1955 the Planetarium of Montevideo was built within its premises.

Het Centenariostadion wordt gezien als een voetbaltempel. This terminal, along with the Baltazar Brum Bus Terminal (or Rio Branco Terminal) by the Port of Montevideo, handles the long distance and intercity bus routes connecting to destinations within Uruguay. [101] Its best known beaches are Ramírez, Pocitos, Carrasco, Buceo and Malvín. Various streams criss-cross the town and empty into the Bay of Montevideo. [49], The 2002 Uruguay banking crisis affected several industries of Montevideo. Among these changes were the right of divorce (1907) and women's right to vote.

Described as a "vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life",[20] and "a thriving tech center and entrepreneurial culture",[15] Montevideo ranked eighth in Latin America on the 2013 MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.[21]. [73] The Museo del Automóvil, belonging to the Automobile Club of Uruguay, has a rich collection of vintage cars which includes a 1910 Hupmobile. World Trade Center 4, with 40 floors and 53,500 square metres (576,000 sq ft) of space is under construction as of 2010[update]. Stretching 20km from east to west, the city wears many faces, from its industrial port to the exclusive beachside suburb of Carrasco near the airport. [122], The first public library in Montevideo was formed by the initial donation of the private library of Father José Manuel Pérez Castellano, who died in 1815. [107], In the census of 2011, Montevideo had a population of 1,319,108. The watercolour can be securely dated from its inclusion in, siege of eight years between 1843 and 1851, Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros, Civic-military dictatorship of Uruguay (1973-1985), Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, British Cemetery Montevideo Soldiers and Sailors, Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción y San Felipe y Santiago, Instituto Preuniversitario Salesiano Juan XXIII, Hospital de Clínicas "Dr. Manuel Quintela", List of twin towns and sister cities in South America, "Links: + +", "...el Área Metropolitana de Uruguay nuclea a los departamentos de San José, Canelones y Montevideo...", Info censal de departamentos/Data 2011 census, "Censos 1852 - 2011/Población en el País, según departamento", "Sub-national HDI – Subnational HDI – Global Data Lab", "Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings Survey", "CIUDADES LATINOAMERICANAS EN EL ÍNDICE DE CALIDAD DE VIDA",, "MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index", "The most gay-friendly places on the planet",}, Google Search, History of Montevideo, 2010,, "Historia General de las Relaciones Exteriores de la Argentina (1806–1989)", "Statistics of urban localities (1963–2004)", "Cronología de Montevideo 1742–1990 (PDF)", "La Bahía de Montevideo: 150 años de modificación de un paisaje costero y subacuático", "About the Climate in Montevideo, Uruguay:Overview", "Montevideo climate: Average Temperature, weather by month, Montevideo weather averages -", "1930 FIFA World Cup Uruguay™ : Hosts Uruguay beat arch-rivals to first world crown", "¿Nevó en Uruguay en el mes de Noviembre? It is the burial place of many of the most famous Uruguayans, such as Eduardo Acevedo, Delmira Agustini, Luis Batlle Berres, José Batlle y Ordóñez, Juan Manuel Blanes, François Ducasse, father of Comte de Lautréamont (Isidore Ducasse),[103] Luis Alberto de Herrera, Benito Nardone, José Enrique Rodó, and Juan Zorrilla de San Martín. Vive y vivirá en las calles y los barrios de Montevideo para siempre. The Solís Theatre is the most prominent theatre in Uruguay and the oldest in South America. [203] The average patient age is 30 years; more than half of the patients arrive by court order; 42% suffer from schizophrenia, 18% from depression and mania,[204] and there are also a high percentage of drug addicted patients. The cemetery originated when the Englishman Mr. Thomas Samuel Hood purchased a plot of land in the name of the English residents in 1828. [12][13][14][15][16], Montevideo is situated on the north shore of the Río de la Plata, the arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the south coast of Uruguay from the north coast of Argentina; Buenos Aires lies 230 kilometres (140 mi) west on the Argentine side. A torta frita is a pan-fried cake consumed in Montevideo and throughout Uruguay. [44], The port's proximity has contributed to the installation of various industries in the area surrounding the bay, particularly import/export businesses and other business related to port and naval activity. Church and state are officially separated since 1916 in Uruguay.

Voor de keus gesteld tussen hernieuwde zeegevechten met de Britten, of internering in Uruguay, bracht de bemanning het schip op 17 december 1939 voor de kust bij Montevideo in het estuarium tot zinken.

Tango, candombe and murga are the three main styles of music in this city. Montevideo is also a centre of rugby; equestrianism, which regained importance in Montevideo after the Maroñas Racecourse reopened; golf, with the Club de Punta Carretas; and yachting, with the Puerto del Buceo, an ideal place to moor yachts. Montevideo is de sporthoofdstad van het land. [67] Many of the city's barrios—such as Sayago, Ituzaingó and Pocitos—were previously geographically separate settlements, later absorbed by the growth of the city. [187] The project was submitted to referendum and rejected in the first polls since 1971, with 58% of the votes against and 42% in favour. The Municipality of Montevideo was first created by a legal act of 18 December 1908. [138] The Museo de Historia del Arte, located in the Palacio Municipal, features replicas of ancient monuments and exhibits a varied collection of artifacts from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome and Native American cultures including local finds of the pre-Columbian period. The city is also the centre of the cinema of Uruguay, which includes commercial, documentary and experimental films. However, municipalities were revived under the 1967 Constitution and have operated continuously since that time. The land was originally donated in Spanish colonial times by philanthropist Francisco Antonio Maciel, who teamed up with Mateo Vidal to establish a hospital and charity. In 1884 was het inwonertal al opgelopen tot 104.472, waaronder talrijke buitenlanders. Een door de toenmalige Spaanse gouverneur van de provincie Buenos Aires, Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, georganiseerde expeditie veroorzaakte het gedwongen vertrek van de Portugezen uit hun in 1724 gebouwde fort. The Rodó Park and the Estadio Gran Parque Central were also established, which served as poles of urban development. [134] The Historical Museum has annexed eight historical houses in the city, five of which are located in the Ciudad Vieja.

However, mortality continued to fall with life expectancy at birth for both sexes increasing by 1.73 years. The result weakened the military and triggered its fall, allowing the return of democracy. De Britten bouwden tussen 1860 en 1911 een uitgebreid spoorwegnet dat de stad met het achterland verbond. Hospital Vilardebó is the only psychiatric hospital in Montevideo.

It is also the only school in the country implementing the three International Baccalaureate Programmes. [citation needed] From 1854 to 1861 the first public sanitation facilities were constructed. Municipalities were abolished by the Uruguayan Constitution of 1918, effectively restored during the 1933 military coup of Gabriel Terra, and formally restored by the 1934 Constitution. In the same year, the village of Peñarol was founded. [84] The park was designated a National Historic Monument Park in 1975. [201] The hospital was originally one of the best of Latin America and in 1915 grew to 1,500 inpatients. In 1860 telde de stad 37.787 inwoners. Se detectaron casos en Montevideo, Canelones, Rivera, Colonia y Cerro Largo, además de los 12 militares que retornaron del Congo. [202] It has an emergency service, outpatient, clinic and inpatient rooms and employs approximately 610 staff, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, administrators, guards, among others. It gives natural protection to ships, although two jetties now further protect the harbour entrance from waves. [70] It was designed by Italian architects Vittorio Meano and Gaetano Moretti, who planned the building's interior. are firmly established in Montevideo. Rainfall is regular and evenly spread throughout the year, reaching around 950 millimetres (37 in). The lighthouse is 21 metres (69 ft) high and its light reaches 24 km (15 mi) away, with a flash every ten seconds. In 1856 the Teatro Solís was inaugurated, 15 years after the beginning of its construction. By Decree, in December 1861 the areas of Aguada and Cordón were incorporated to the growing Ciudad Nueva (New City). Naar het oosten toe lopen de wegen nummer 10 (Maldonado, Rocha, Porto Alegre (Brazilië)) en 8 (Minas, Treinta y Tres en Melo), naar het noorden de wegen 7 (Melo), 6, 5 (Canelones, Florida, Durazno, Tacuarembó en Rivera) en naar het westen de weg 1 (Colonia del Sacramento). Tourism accounts for much of Uruguay's economy.

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