is not quite human at all—but something far worse—and the appeal of immortality is causing too many people to undergo the process. Your next assignment is to kill a billionaire financier who has dabbled a little too much in politics. These natural resources are excavated from deep within the Earth's crust by a team of robots with enhanced artificial intelligence. As a poor farmer in a region where many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies, you set out to challenge the system. After a nuclear apocalypse, you are part of a group of survivors dealing with the after-effects of an irradiated planet. However, when you realize that your assistant is part of the biohacker group and that she has been giving them your data, you decide to put a tracker program within your last implant security update and follow the trail. You always knew she had one. Once you agree and begin training, you realize the deadly informative abilities offered by the nanobots can work in more ways than one. You wonder if they were offered as human sacrifices, but then assure yourself that this is not the case. You've been tasked with using this technology at a summit to impersonate a prime minister as "bait" to draw out an assassin. While on the ground, your team encounters a vicious creature which no one has ever seen before. Hi, Mandy. If you need a new wardrobe, place an order to the Store and wait the 10 minute delivery. I also encourage you to subscribe to any or all of the illustrious magazines these stories appear in as well. When it is brought to the surface by divers for further investigation, the space rock begins to grow and take on a baby-like appearance and manner. Artificial hearts, lungs, limbs, and livers repair the damage caused by poor choices and bad luck. Peering into the microscope, you find what appears to be a cluster of buildings within a dome-like structure. Your nanobots found a way to not only repair your injury, but also to improve you on the cellular level so that the injury will never happen again. They want to exchange people and study the differences between civilizations. As the head scientist of this project, you are excited to present this android to the world and to usher in a new technological era. Gangs offer protection and food in exchange for allegiance. A new theme park opens in Florida, promising a fantasy experience like no other. With heavy firepower, your crew has landed on a planet known to have hostile aliens that seem reptilian in their appearance. Life begins to die slowly as toxic air chokes the atmosphere.

You arm your plasma rifle and storm his mansion. Maybe they need glasses? When your ship experiences turbulence during an ordinary military transport, you dismiss it as plasma imbalance is common between stars. You and your team are excited to find sentient lifeforms on the planet, and you begin observing them from afar. Then, there's the pilot, a man who sets your soul on fire. Their resources are growing thin and conflict is slowly spreading.

When pressured, it reveals that NASA stopped sending transmissions 40 years earlier. You work in the laboratory where the transfers occur and, with the help of a few close friends, decide to sabotage the system. You are a doctor living in a human colony on an alien planet, and your colony is being devastated by a mysterious and deadly new virus. At first, things go along smoothly as she is able to quickly grasp how teenagers act and how to socialize with them. The assassin came at midday, shooting the Empress from three miles away with a drone that could have been controlled from anywhere in the solar system.

Forget everything you thought you knew about history. The artificial intelligence is so good that the robots quickly learn everything from their humans' favorite foods to their social preferences. So you put down your rifle, your knives, your grenades, and your laser sword and play tea party with the child. By using data from CT scans, the replacement bone closely matches the original. Using the latest facial/vocal molding technology, you are able to alter your face and even voice to become another person.

Sorrow turns to hope as a ship appears on your scanners only minutes after you escape the black hole. As you move through the house, you discover a key that opens a sealed room deep inside. Your biosuit is your only advantage, as it morphs to give you any shape and color you scan. The amazing variety of molecules in these artificial organisms has supercharged the process of evolution, which is alarming since your organisms have escaped their laboratory confines. Your clothes have been removed and are lying in a pile next to a wall. so engaging and realistic. Luckily, human cloning is simple and inexpensive, so it's possible to transfer your aging mind into an infant clone. Just then, an SUV driving by swerves to the right, flips over your now ducking body, and crashes into a nearby tree. They are your family. Finally, as 2019 has come and gone and the road of 2020 ahead of us, I am certain that there will be more science fiction stories that hold up a mirror to the what’s happening around us—politics, people, technology, and our environment—and hold up a lens to explore the world(s) yet to come. After an exhaustive search, a long-lost relative is found and is crowned Empress of the Galaxy. A standard time jump grows worrisome when you return to find your wife has become an international fugitive. discovers that there is more to existence than virtual reality, it decides to take control of the ship since, from its perspective, controlling reality is what it does best. But then a new girl shows up, without a phone, and acts suspiciously. A guy named Nathan visits a witch doctor who puts a spell on him that allows him to remember all of his past lives. You are essentially a summer intern, with high hopes of someday becoming a real archaeologist. In an alternative universe, witches, wizards, and magic are the norm. Freedom. You're part of the group sent out to confront any inhabitants on the planet. I am being hosted on a state-of-the-art computer that they will want to use for another purpose. Then things go downhill. He would rather have you and the others work to death than be freed. You grew accustomed to navigating the dark, blind and cold – no sun, no moon, no stars or fire. Years after retreating to a far out and secret remote island, a man decides to return to the mainland, only to find a vastly different civilization.

Aliens have invaded our planet but refuse to communicate with us. The lenses include thermal signatures, microscopic and macroscopic zoom, instant database searches, facial/voice and DNA ID, instant messaging with your crew, and digital maps of teammates' and tagged enemies' locations. What happens at zero is anybody's guess, but all we know for now is that the countdown will end next week.

They land on the nape of the neck and burrow into the spinal column, absorbing the host's impulses until they've learned enough to input illusions of their own making. You must learn their language and discover how to locate the wormhole again, hoping it will bring you back to Loch Ness and not some other world. You are the leader of a small group of freedom fighters trying to overthrow this system of oppression and give humans a chance at a better life.

Your elder brother has always been smarter than you, qualifying for engineering school and graduating as a designer of A.I. Romance quickly becomes entangled with peril when the ship is attacked by hostile aliens. You wake up to an eerie silence. Through A.I. The story explores social sciences, what it is to be happy and fulfilled as a human, and how one person's utopia may be the same for another person. That is, until a young woman appears at your door one night and tells you that you are the rightful heir to the empire.

Waiting to see if the creatures have noticed you, you realize you must somehow protect your family while warning the government there are still aliens hiding on your planet. The drone is so small that it is undetectable to the human eye, guaranteeing that the timeline will not be affected by its presence. Charles Yu also chose this story for The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017. Faced with Earth’s imminent destruction, two computer whizzes design Earth Memory—a hub containing art, internet content, knowledge, written history, human DNA, and the two boys’ memories. Greenhouse gases increase and begin to kill off life on the planet. The next night, when the lights go out at your campsite and you see their glowing red eyes from the nearby forest, you know you are in for the fight of your life. They claim that the ray can even petrify entire nations at a time. The pay is good, and he is your brother after all, so you accept, but once in space you cannot help but wonder what is in the strongbox. You decide to investigate it further despite the orders of your superior officer. A mad scientist seeks global domination through the use of nanobots that can kill a person on the cellular level. Laws preventing changes in the timeline have been passed and the time police guard it carefully.

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