Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, (Henry William Frederick Albert; 31 March 1900 – 10 June 1974) was the third son and fourth child of King George V and Queen Mary. He was baptised at the private chapel of Windsor Castle on 17 May 1900, by Randall Thomas Davidson, Bishop of Winchester, and his godparents were: Queen Victoria (his great-grandmother); the German Emperor (his cousin, for whom Prince Albert of Prussia stood proxy); Princess Henry of Battenberg (his paternal great-aunt); the Duchess of Cumberland (his paternal great-aunt, whose sister, his grandmother the Princess of Wales represented her); Prince George of Greece (his cousin, for whom Prince Henry's paternal grandfather the Prince of Wales stood proxy); Princess Carl of Denmark (his paternal aunt, for whom her sister Princess Victoria of Wales stood proxy); Prince Alexander of Teck (his maternal uncle, for whom Prince Henry's great-uncle the Duke of Cambridge stood proxy); and Field Marshal The Earl Roberts (for whom General Sir Dighton Probyn stood proxy). [12] He was brevetted to major on 2 August 1934,[13] and upon his father's Silver Jubilee the following May, was appointed Colonel-in-Chief of the Gloucestershire Regiment. Always eager to get involved, the Duke often found himself in dangerous situations, but did not seem overly worried. [33], Although the Duke of Gloucester supported his brother, and later his niece, tirelessly and dutifully, he had a fondness for whisky. Dernier survivant des enfants de George V et Mary de Teck, il est mort en 1974 à son domicile de Barnwell Manor, près de la ville de Oundle dans le Northamptonshire. It was a large country house in Northamptonshire which had belonged to his wife's ancestors. When the Duke confirmed he had taken the birds, the King's gruff warning to his brother that he should never again take birds without telling him surprised the member of staff.[35]. As their London seat, they were given York House in St. James's Palace. Furthermore, he and his younger brother, the Duke of Kent, had to increase their royal engagements considerably to support the new King. Prince Henry William Frederick Albert, Duke of Gloucester. [7], In September 1913 Henry started at Eton College. After his father's death, the Duke bought Barnwell Manor with the larger part of his inheritance. Né à Sandringham dans le Norfolk, il est le quatrième enfant et le troisième fils du roi George V du Royaume-Uni et de la reine Mary, née princesse Marie de Teck. He was the first son of a British monarch to be sent to school, where he excelled at sports, and went on to attend Eton College, after which he was commissioned in the 10th Royal Hussars, a regiment he hoped to command. [31] Il a été inhumé au cimetière royal de Frogmore où reposait déjà son fils aîné William. [21], Following the outbreak of the Second World War, he joined the British Expeditionary Force, and was appointed as a Chief Liaison Officer on 4 September 1939. The of the Australian Prime Minister John Curtin had a policy of appointing Australians to the vice-regal post. The Duke wrote to his brother that King Leopold was "very depressed". [27], On 31 March 1928,[28] his father created him Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Ulster, and Baron Culloden, three titles that linked him with three parts of the United Kingdom, namely England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. "If you two think that, now that I have taken this new job on, you can go on behaving just as you like, in the same old way, you are very much mistaken! He suffered a series of strokes in later years,[1] and was too ill to attend the funeral of his elder brother, the Duke of Windsor, or the wedding of his younger son, Prince Richard, both in 1972. [4] They both had rhotacism, which prevented them from pronouncing the sound r, but while Albert's pronunciation was slightly reminiscent of the "French r", Henry was completely unable to pronounce it, causing the intended r to sound like [w]. [26], He was appointed a Field Marshal in 1955[1] and a Marshal of the Royal Air Force in 1958. [1] In 1934 George V (as King of Ireland) made him a Knight of St Patrick, Ireland's chivalric order. [14] On 6 July 1935, he was promoted to the substantive rank of major, his final rank as an actively serving officer. [7], After his tour of Australia and New Zealand, and pressured by his parents, Prince Henry decided it was time to settle down and proposed to Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott, sister of one of Henry's best friends Lord William Montagu Douglas Scott. At the Grosvenor Hotel, close to Buckingham Palace, the affair continued with Prince Henry openly hosting parties with her in her suite and drinking too much. To his father, these values were the most important, having no time or interest in what he called "intellectuals". Stamp of Australia, 1945, showing the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, when the Duke became Governor-General. When Curtin died in 1945, the Duke appointed Frank Forde as prime minister. [7], Edward VIII, who became Duke of Windsor, recalled that it was Henry who reacted least to the news of his abdication. [30], In September 1928, Henry left England with his brother Edward, Prince of Wales, to shoot big game in Africa. He attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in 1919,[1] and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the King's Royal Rifle Corps on 16 July 1919. [25] On 27 October 1944, he was promoted to the rank of full general. [32], The abrupt change in Prince Henry's somewhat carefree life up to that point was made clear by the new King on the very first evening of his reign. The proposal, wrote Lady Alice many years later, was not at all romantic as "it was not his way", instead he just "mumbled it as we were on a walk one day". From 1965, he became incapacitated by a number of strokes, and was not officially[Clarification needed], The royal children in 1912: (l-r) Albert, John, Henry, Mary, Edward and George. In November, the brothers were recalled to England due to their father’s worsening health, and soon after Beryl returned too. Though he desired to serve in more active roles as a soldier, his position as a senior member of the royal family effectively ruled out any such options.

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