This study concluded that removing natural vegetation and plantations causes an imbalanced runoff-to-infiltration ratio destabilizing the slope. Economic losses by landslide affected regions are quite significant. The debris flow flooded over the different land uses with thicknesses of 1.5–3.5 m. However, the initial region of the landslide had relatively less impact on human settlements. Agroforestry Systems 5: 123–137.

Landslides occur over a wide range of velocities and are recognized as the third most crucial natural disaster worldwide (Zillman, 1999). Descriptive statistics of collected primary data related to total monthly income, contribution of KHG for monthly income, savings and expenditure with respect to age of the KHG is summarized in the table. J. Ingleton, 320. Heavy rains, deforestation and mining are all causes of landslides. The researchers point out that permafrost thawing also has implications for all construction. 2014. The livelihood benefits of KHGs, however, are well beyond the food supply. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. 2010. Consequently, people have less awareness of the possibility of disaster. This reduces a significant level of their income from KHGs. 2008. Due to the landslide, the most economic activity was abandoned, which is not actually accounted for in the evaluation. Lossesfrom landslides can be estimated through the integration of field investigation, socio-economic surveys, and remote sensing.

(2)). Pradeepkumar, and V.R. Economic assessment of landslide risksin the Schwabian Alb, Germany-research framework and first resultsof homeowners and experts surveys, Nat. In general, previous studies indicate the positive relationship between educational level and household income (Saadv and Adam, 2016).

Science of the Total Environment 550: 1032–1043. Weerasinghe. LANDSLIDES– EROSION also causes landslides, which means falling of lands due to gravity to slightly lower lands them than, which is considered to be a natural calamity. 6). The crops are not grown according to any specific pattern and appear to be in a random, intimately mixed pattern. This mica and feldspar in the hornblende and granite gneiss can weaken the surface by intensive chemical weathering (Sajinkumar et al., 2011). The negative economic effects of landslides include the cost to repair structures, loss of property value, disruption of transportation routes, medical costs in the event of injury, and indirect costs, such as lost timber and fish stocks. Sometimes landslides create opportunities for us. Thus, the results revealed that both the social and economic systems were highly influenced by the landslide, especially the KHGs in the region (Fig. Human settlements are randomly spread along the landslide affected slope (Figs. 1 and Table 1). The results from social surveys revealed that the affected villages of Aranayake (Elagipitia and Pallebage) are agriculturally based rural areas depending on KHGs (Fig. Consequently, increased soil infiltration from poor water management in plantations and KHGs, destabilize the slope (Keith and Broadhead, 2011). Provide raw materials.

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