When Toronto actor Paul Soles snagged the lead role in Stan Lee's original "Spider-Man" animated series in … I had a chance to talk with Soles about the release of the entire Spider-Man cartoon series on DVD and the fond memories he has about recording the show�. DVDTalk: The new Spider-Man DVD set allows modern audiences to enjoy the original cartoon series in all of its glory. Well, today, they're infinitely more sophisticated, easily manipulated, easily acquired, easily stored, and you don't have great big 2-foot wide reels of film or projectors to show them.

Paul Soles, Actor: The Score. And that's why it's endured for so many years. I really enjoyed the first one. But animation has come a long way since the show first aired in the late 1960s. But as it turned out over the years, that is what Lee apparently intended.". Created by Lee, the original "Spider-Man" animated series was produced in Canada and the U.S., and ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970 with a cast of mostly Canadians. And you talk about fairly primitive animation-that stop motion animation of Rudolph was not exactly the most sophisticated in the world, but it works. document.write("Buy from Amazon.com");

Paul Soles was born on August 11, 1930 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the actor, the function of the actor, whether it be Shakespeare or Spider-Man, is to render the character honestly, that is, believably, and honor the intention of the writer.
One of the charms I always thought of the original series was that it wasn't quite the sophisticated animation of a Warner Bros or MGM cartoon from the '30s, '40s, and '50s, like Bugs Bunny and things. Original cartoon series based on the web-slinging Marvel comic book character, Peter Parker, who, after being bit by a radioactive spider, assumes extraordinary powers.

Can I be this character? But having experienced all of them, I wouldn't want to have not done cartoons. Paul Soles: Well, I certainly saw the first one and I'm looking forward to the second. They'll turn you off or they'll walk out. As Rudolf celebrates 40 years, very close to the amount of Spider-Man, we're just blown away at how many people have made this a regular part of their Christmas and of their lives. When you were talking about the different voices for different characters, it sounded like you were having a good time. I know I still watch Rudolph and I'm 32.

It's a part of their past. Just not after I was about 12. So there wasn't an awful lot of research to go through. DVDTalk: Who do you see as the target audience for the DVD set?

But I think the appeal of the Spider-Man thing is what you hinted at earlier: it's nostalgia. Lobster catch destroyed, vehicle burned as tension rises over Indigenous fishery in N.S. With Paul Soles, Peg Dixon, Paul Kligman, Bernard Cowan. Looking back, how does Spider-Man fit in? DVDTalk: Let's switch gears a little bit here. [laughs] But any of us who were on that series are really just amazed that people have been hooked into it for so long and we know that 2nd and 3rd generations of people are watching it.

"You realize the profundity or the depth to which these tales connected with people. You could sort of own a bit of film history. Do you see it as less serious as some of the other things you've done? You know, ventriloquism stuff, magic powders, little whoopee cushions, all that junk and stuff, which I'm presuming they still do. JSON_ml_widgetID = '10'; "https" : "http"); If you had to name any one thing, what was your favorite aspect of being the voice of Spider-Man? "That, in a sense, was a bit of a bond and why it was fun to do the character.". It just looks great. It's one of those things where if you've never known it, you don't miss it.

Fathers who are in their 30s and 40s are showing it to their kids, and so it goes on. If you've never had champagne, you won't miss it if you don't get it. You've got to portray a character as real, as believable. Do you think this Spider-Man series will appeal to modern audiences? Fans of Paul Soles should keep an eye out for his Web site, wallopinwebsnappers.com, which appears for the first time on June 30, 2004. function popUp(URL,NAME) { Paul Soles: It's amazing. "That it worked out and connected with people -- that's Stan Lee. To realize what the writer had in mind in telling the story, whether you're doing comedy or tragedy. document.open();

It wasn't as though we had to think up new voices. The projects were brought to him. And they were fragile because they were film, not tape, and it was a remarkable sort of underground fan club for these things. Soles had previously voiced another misfit character, Hermey the elf, in the 1964 stop-motion animated TV special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. TORONTO -- When Toronto actor Paul Soles snagged the lead role in Stan Lee's original "Spider-Man" animated series in the 1960s, he was caught in a web of worry.

There was a famous English actress who said the audience will give you one minute to convince them that you are who you claim you are. Copyright © 2007 DVDTalk.com All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use |. Which is really nothing more than the sense of discovery, of wonder. But to follow up on your very good question, in a sense you're asking what sort of medium do I like. He said this is the way I'm going to do it. The director who cast us all was here in Toronto. I want Tobey [Maquire] and that's how it's going to be. That's real immortality. After that, the audience will relax and go along with you. For kids from 8 to 80. amznwin.focus();} The only decision was did you want to do it or not. Paul Soles: You know, I can't answer that. Will that be fun?

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