Interested candidates: Find out whether you qualify to Canada by completing our free on-line evaluation. Imagine you have a parent who is married to another person. Stay tuned for more updates on the Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program in 2020. The decision to move to Canada is life-changing. If you want to sponsor your parents and grandparents, your first step is to check if you’re eligible to be a sponsor. After successfully reducing the wait by 15 per cent for in-Canada applicants and 10 per cent for those applying from outside, now the immigration department says it will get most applications processed inside a year, although it admits complex cases will require more time.

How do I pay for my application to sponsor a parent or grandparent?

Canada, H3Z 1T3, Mana Hosseini, B.A., M.B.A., JDPresident, Start Up VisaBusiness Advisory Group, Email: [email protected]Tel: +1 (514) 487-2011 Fax: +1 (416) 644-4675. Successful applicants receive multiple-entry visitor visas that may last for up to 10 years. Can I use a courier service to submit my application to sponsor my parents and grandparents? Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has tried to simplify the process with the new lottery format, although many say the move came significantly too late, in December 2016. While applicants see the intent behind the government’s move, there is also the feeling that candidates face the prospect of never being chosen under the lottery system. We know you may not get your 2020 Notice of Assessment (NOA) until after you apply. Find out whether you qualify to Canada by completing our free evaluation form We will provide you with our evaluation within 1-2 business days. It is time to apply for a study permit. What is a complex family sponsorship application? Parents and grandparents come to Canada as long-term visitors with the Super Visa Program as a part of the parents sponsorship program. Step-by-Step Guide for International Students, How International Students Can Immigrate to Canada, Conditions to Qualify under PEQ – Graduate of Quebec Stream, Financial Requirements to Study in Quebec. So, permanent residents and Canadian citizens can submit interest to sponsor application form online during this 3-weeks period. Canada offers the most established and widely-used investment-based immigration programs conferring permanent resident status. Immigration Minister John McCallum said in December that the change was in response to feedback from those who have been through the process. You may need an eTA. The federal government will open the PGP intake window from October 13, 2020 (12 p.m. EDT) to November 3, 2020 (12 p.m. EST). Read more news about Canada Immigration by clicking here. Those not selected will be able to follow the same process in 2018. You can submit an online Interest to Sponsor Form on the Canadian government's website between October 13, 2020 (12PM EDT) and November 3, 2020 (12PM EST). All rights reserved.

Then your parent becomes the principal applicant, and the spouse becomes a dependent family member. Click Here. IRCC has made a concerted effort to reduce processing times since the Liberal government came to power. PGP application intake. welcomes affiliations with qualified agents. You have been admitted to your chosen university? dom and invited to complete a full application. Invitations to Apply for Permanent Residence, Sponsor Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner, Eight Things to Know About Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program, International Business Immigration Programs.

January 5, 2017 – The new federal government ‘Interest to Sponsor’ form for those wishing to bring parents and grandparents to Canada has gone live following an overhaul of the application process. The government will open an online application in January 2020 for the “parents sponsorship” program. Because of this, we’ll assess sponsors on their income for tax years 2020, 2019 and 2018.

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