You do not need to be a client of It remains in operation in southern Netherlands until after 100 of active combat, when the unit is finally relieved. Exactly five years after the Belgian-German declaration of war, the British motorised troops started their 14-hour advance of around 120km. He returned to Belgium as commander of the 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade, also known as Piron Brigade. After asking why these villagers didn’t raise a French blue-white-red banner, the G.I immediately made a right turn and headed back the way he came, as he didn’t receive orders to cross the border! A simple and secure way to do business online with The British captured positions across the canal after two days of heavy fighting, finally allowing troops and armour to cross and reinforce the battered troops. However sweet this victory was, it took another two months until the shipping route to Antwerp could be opened, as the Scheldt river estuary was still under Germany’s firm grip. When the fighting in Hechtel was still raging on, the British “Irish Guards” division was able to bypass the area and capture an intact bridge over the Maas-Scheldt Canal, the new German line of defense, by surprise. Two months later Hitler surprised the Allies with his last offensive: the Battle of the Bulge. Even the locally organised International Sanicole Airshow featured the only remaining B-17 bomber in Europe, “Sally-B”, to commemorate the end of World War II in Belgium. The 1st U.S. Army, on its way to Tournai, crossed the Belgian border in the morning of 2 September 1944 in the hamlet of Cendron (Hainaut). As an important industrial and transportation hub, the Belgian city of Liege was also a target amidst the terror of V-weapons. As well, it invites Canadians to become involved in remembrance activities that will help preserve their legacy for future generations. Historical vehicles of the War Heritage Institution in Brussels, privately owned vehicles and modern vehicles of the Belgian army joined the group. Our country and the world owe an everlasting debt of gratitude to these brave men and women who have achieved and sacrificed so much. Belgium’s different regions all offer unique experiences: Wallonia is dotted with picturesque sites and the lush Belgian Ardennes, while Flanders houses the renowned medieval cities of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp. But it did not put an end to the German occupation. Jean-Baptiste Piron, born in Belgium in 1896, was a military officer who fled to England during the Second World War. The first ports liberated in Northwest Europe were either too small or too damaged to solve the Allies’ supply problems.

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