The good news is that StudyBlue has a free ad-supported version. The StudyBlue flashcard app is like getting magical powers to transform everything from a music festival bathroom line to boring bus/train/plane trips into productive study time. According to the mobile app marketing, Top App Trend Predictions for 2020 - What To Expect In Mobile App Industry, In today's technology cladded world, almost everything can be managed with the help of our smartphones, or rather we can say, by the mobile apps. Whatever happened between Chegg and Study Blue, this college student is grateful for it! Then you can click save and close, or save and study. After you have signed up you can now start using the website! Enhance your learning with a new app - Flashcards, A simple, powerful flashcards app to help you learn anything, anywhere. One of the best education apps available on Android and iOS platforms, it allows students to make cards of whatever topic they want. Join our expansive network, build connections and expand your brand presence. They sent a heart felt email back pretty much saying they will keep my subscription open in case I ever wanted to go back to school, and said they were sorry to hear things didn't work out. It's free to sign up for, all you need is an email address to use and there's a studyblue app. The first problem is time management. StudyBlue is a flashcard app available for all iOS devices, as well as Android and Kindle devices. ( Log Out /  I was desperate one night and logged onto study blue just to find out they merged with chegg or chegg bought it out, I dont care what happened. When you need help, we have answers. Overall, though, StudyBlue takes a while to load, which some students may find annoying. Yes, StudyBlue does offer contact information. Students can have constant access to their study aids by using StudyBlue for their studying and memorization needs. I knew I wasn’t crazy. Check it out. One of the free educational applications, its functionality is helpful for teachers also and helps them in managing their day to day tasks efficiently. Her experience in the tech industry has assisted her in churning out the best and more importantly, unbiased mobile app reviews. My students retain information by quizzing one another from the flashcard decks I make for them. Thanks for letting us know we were helpful. Create, Study and Quiz flashcards to learn and study any language or subject. This extension will unblur all cards from StudyBlue and also remove the obtrusive sign-up banner. I’ve gotten all As so far. Hold 10+ million students and 400+ million flashcards in the palm of your hand! If you are a developer and you developed an app, you must market it. If you do not have one of those devices then you can go right over to the website at StudyBlue is an online studying platform for high school and college students. The second problem is shared by both students and teachers and that is sharing the information and study material. Study blue is a really cool website to help you study for tests and remember things much quicker, much easier. See All. After you have signed up you can now start using the website! Does StudyBlue have a customer service or contact us page? The Best Study Tools. It isn’t a hassle to use, but I’m just curious as to why this keeps happening. Developed in 2006 by two students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison it started taking more professional shape in 2009 and raised approximately $14.8 million in funding by January 4, 2013. • "StudyBlue is so helpful for all of my classes! Then you would click where it said term and write the term, and click where it says definition and write the definition. - Zach, TeacherWe’re blushing from some of the praise and awards we’ve received:• "The real power of StudyBlue is that you can share flashcards with classmates or teachers. 3. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. My students retain information by quizzing one another from the flashcard decks I make for them. In addition, The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Customer Support [2020], To most of you, a question like “what makes a good mobile app” seems to be a crucial one during the app development process. It’s a charge? In order to make your app known on the world stage, you need to consider crucial factors including the culture of users at different regions. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Students from teens to adults can use StudyBlue to create their own personalized flashcards. You would click into the title box and title the flashcards. – Alex, Student • "I use StudyBlue flashcards for group engagement projects. Once you are done writing that term and want to add another one, you simply click underneath the one you have made. Actually, I work for StudyBlue. If you start charging again, I’m leaving. Once you have clicked on upload and get directed top the next page you will click "select files" and then you can add in whatever files you want to choose. Change ), Follow how to high school on It's 100% free. The ads within the StudyBlue app are non-invasive, and the app is still easily used with apps, though a subscription can be purchased for only $30 per year or $9 per month that will eliminate all ads, as well as give StudyBlue more functionality. Contact information availability rating: 5.0 - 1 ratings. StudyBlue even has its own flashcards already created that students can utilize for their studying needs. There are a bunch of features StudyBlue offers to its users: Students can create flashcards with which will be saved in this study guide app. Check it out. For StudyBlue you can either download the app on an Ipad, Ipod, or Iphone. The website allows users to upload class study materials, create electronic flashcards to study and share with others, and practice quizzes. Studyblue is a brilliant app which uses technology to help teachers as well as students in managing their time and make learning an easy process. I have tried other platforms, but I have always come back to Study Blue. Start out by going to You can create cards on your computer and access them from educational apps on the phone. Happy studying!! ).UPDATE: I found my old notifications referencing updates and paying for the updates. Then you will click add again, but this time you will hit note. Anyway, I started messing with the website and when I see it was not charging me to try to use the features I fell in love with, honey I rejoiced! StudyBlue app solves these problems efficiently with the help of technology. Make and share study materials, search for recommended study content from classmates, track progress, set reminders, and create custom quizzes. Read our comprehensive app reviews to know about mobile applications that are taking the world by the storm. The flashcards, study guides, and notes are so easy to make and the mobile app lets me use it anywhere!" We’d love to hear from you: App Feedback: help@studyblue.comHelp! This can be helpful. According to the scores and quiz results, StudyBlue gives suggestions about what topics you should study. Once you are done making all of your cards you can either hit "save and close" or "save and study" to study your cards.

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