It was great! I would then put a mark on their paper and in the grade book. The students could use the notes as one point on a test. I also learned that, discipline-wise, skipping the warm-up was never a wise option and that students needed the "let's get busy" structure. May 18, 2016 - Explore Kaitlin Lord's board "Feedback ideas", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. For this reason, I direct my students to reflect upon each other’s work—not correct it. After that, students share particularly useful examples. Of course, scrambled grammar can impact a reader’s experience, but rather than have them try to correct a peer’s confounding syntax with editing marks, I ask students to write full sentences to one another: I also offer kids a specific acronym to remember what constitutes quality feedback: SPARK. I thought I could do the same thing with the warm-up that I did with homework. It only took about five minutes to do the whole class, and I was able to jump right into the lesson. Explain a little more about why you chose this example from the text. As with any other skill I teach, I begin by modeling SPARK feedback on sample student writing. For feedback to be useful to a writer, it should meet as many of these criteria as possible: Some groups I’ve taught took to SPARK quickly, while others have needed more practice. I like how you repeated key words from your hook here in your conclusion. I also set a guideline for a minimum number of quality comments, but I tell students that less is often more. From there, as a class we examine other example feedback statements before evaluating their potential usefulness to a writer. This survey consists of questions that will help colleges … You do a great job at this, and everyone has so much fun at your events. As I checked each student's work, I also was able to make supportive comments and corrections. Below are a couple of examples of good and bad feedback and their respective explanations: Bad: “Your sales numbers are rising, which is great, but we have noticed that you tend to avoid working with the rest of the sales team. Examples of good and bad feedback. At the end of the week, I would record journal scores as they showed me the week's worth of happy-face stamps as a score on their weekly quiz. I didn't have to keep track of extra credit in the grade book, and the students loved it. Potential cheating diminished, but keeping thirty red pencils sharp became a chore. When I began my educational career as Spanish teacher, I quickly discovered that when … That said, your sales numbers are on the … For example, each day, students often complete warm-ups, sponge activities, or some other pre-lesson assignment while the teacher takes roll and sets up for the day's lesson. I interact with students, explaining my thought process as they help pinpoint what about a text is effective or ineffective, as well as how to offer quality SPARK-based comments. Unfortunately, many of my writers have not had the best experience with this activity. When I first share with my ninth graders that peer review will be part of our writing process, the response is almost universally negative. I am confused about who “they” are in this sentence. "Turn in all the warm-up papers" became less and less appealing to me as I realized that every time I said those words, I just doubled my pile of grading. When I began my educational career as Spanish teacher, I quickly discovered that when some students realized the "sponge" work was rarely graded, they stopped doing it. Being a creative teacher and having great mentors to teach me, I learned that I could save some time by having students switch papers and grade each other's, but some students quickly developed a "scratch my back" mentality that circumvented the honor system. In other words, feedback is used to improve learning. This frustration should be no surprise: As educators, we recognize that effective teaching is a complex skill that requires deliberate practice. The rubber stamp has other time- and energy-saving uses. Add this to all the other grading, and it becomes a daunting task to give timely feedback. College Feedback Survey template for students is designed with the purpose of collecting effective feedback from the students related to various attributes about the college and the course they are enrolled in. Then I stumbled across this magical feedback tool: a happy-face stamp. Giving their classmates feedback on writing is a complex skill for students to master, but it can be taught with scaffolded modeling. Periodically, so that students wouldn't simply attach large numbers of sticky notes on a quiz, I had them use the notes to bid for school supplies and little goodies. Services Audience Global Sample of Consumers. My stronger writers say that they almost never receive feedback that goes beyond basic conventions, while my emerging writers say they feel a lack of confidence in providing feedback beyond basic conventions. To make peer feedback more focused and meaningful, I’ve found it helpful to define quality feedback, provide structured routines, and teach feedback as I would any other core skill. I tried it out and found that I could give more effective feedback in less time -- and I didn't have a pile of papers to grade. Surveys Online Survey Platform. Every time I thought I could skip the warm-up for time's sake, the class never seemed as productive -- even with the extra time. Students need feedback often and creating a system by rubber stamping work can provide visible and immediate proof of student progress. That said, you are also very punctual on the job.” Good: “We would like you to work more with your team. Research Services … Students would quickly do their work just to get the happy-face stamp, and if I missed them, they were insistent that I come back and give their work the stamp.

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