In Germany there was revolutionary unrest. The Langer Encyclopaedia Of World History says: the proclamation was “instigated and supported by France”; after some months it collapsed “because of the hostility of the inhabitants”. Major Street argued that if the French were allowed to detach the Rhineland from the rest of Germany, Britain and the world would be in the same situation as in 1914, that is, with a dominant country in Europe (other than Britain, that is): “If France achieves its end, it will result in the Rhine becoming the practical Eastern frontier of France, who would also be in control of large and valuable tracts on the right bank of that river. No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. Undated but approved by General De Gaulle in 1969). By December 1916 Balfour and Lloyd George saw French designs on the Rhineland as upsetting the balance of power in Europe. Once France was defeated, according to the plan, Germany could transport its soldiers east using its railroad network and deploy them against the Russian troops, which Schlieffen believed would require six weeks to mobilize and attack Germany’s eastern border. Later official pronouncements even dropped that statement. “Before the enemy propaganda we were like rabbits before a snake.” All Rights Reserved. It would not, according to Street, because Germany is needed as a market, and France would be a more dangerous rival than Germany was.

This was an opportunity for France to acquire the territory permanently, so France took measures to separate the region from the rest of Germany. Clemenceau, the Prime Minister, made the decisions; Poincaré, the President of the Republic, might have had other sentiments, but constitutionally he had no power. These eventually denounced Fuchs to the police. Clemenceau, the anglophile Prime Minister (1917-1920), kept Marshall Foch, the Allied Commander in Chief, away from the Peace Conference because Foch insisted on the dismemberment of Germany, against the will of the British and the Americans.
Bavaria (Credit: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And the “French need for Anglo-American financial support limited French pretensions on the Rhine”. When you imagine France and its scenic countryside, you might think of the picturesque villages, vineyards a plenty and endless rolling green hills to drive through on a blissful summer road trip.But there’s one corner of this scenic country that no one has been allowed to enter for nearly a century, known as the “Zone Rouge” (the red zone). The Rhineland A republic was declared over the whole territory. (l’Armée Française de 1919 à 1939 by Colonel F-A Paoli, Ministry of the Army, Service Historique.

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