Kindergeld is probably the most well known of these.. Check out the wiki section ‘freelancer’ for more information on this. This also applies to foreigners, immigrants and expats who live and work in Germany. "Most of the people who come to us from the European Union want to work here," she told DW. “Just when you thought the SPD could sink no lower, along comes ex-left-winger Nahles and sorts EU citizens into good and bad,” said Jan Korte, deputy leader of the Left Party in parliament. Germany’s federal labour ministry says about 440,000 non-German EU citizens receive benefits. Some cookies are necessary to make the basic functions of the website available to you and, therefore, cannot be deactivated. Germany Germany limits EU citizens' access to benefits. Angela Merkel's cabinet has rubberstamped a new welfare plan that will make it harder for EU migrants to claim unemployment benefits in Germany. What benefits do I receive from unemployment insurance? Please note: It is very important that you comply with these conditions. You do not need to apply for any special residence permit. In this situation, care and nursing assistance needs to be covered for you. Self-employed people and civil servants are exempt from statutory pension insurance. Information on this can be found in the leaflet on unemployment benefit and employment abroad (Arbeitslosengeld und Auslandsbeschäftigung). If you learn that your employment will be ending less than 3 months beforehand, you must register with the local Employment Agency in person within 3 days. One of the most relevant parts of the German social security system is the health insurance. In general, you need to have worked for at least 12 months during the past 2 years.
Understand the residency rules for European Union citizens moving to Germany to live, work, study or retire... All EU citizens plus those of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can legally live and work in Germany, and may enter the country with a valid passport or photo identity card.

If you have an accident at work, or on your way to work, then the following applies: Reasonable costs for accommodation and heating are also paid in addition to this. Angela Merkel's cabinet has rubberstamped a new welfare plan that will make it harder for EU migrants to claim unemployment benefits in Germany. Alternatively, drop into an office of the German pension insurance. Privacy Policy | These text files are saved on your computer and enable the Federal Press Office to analyse how its website is used. The institution behind this insurance is the employers liability insurance associations. "The Basic Law makes clear: people who are living in Germany and whose loss of the right of residence has not been bindingly established have the right to a secure, humane existence, regardless of their nationality," Annelie Buntenbach of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) said in a statement.
The way social security is organised differs greatly within Europe, and every EU country remains free to design its social security system independently. The Irish Times's Washington Correspondent gives her take from the centre of the US election story. Normally you receive the so-called Arbeitslosengeld, unemployment benefits. Travel documents for non-EU family members, Documents for minors travelling in the EU, Rights for travellers with reduced mobility, EU parking card for people with disabilities, Travelling with pets and other animals in the EU, Taking animal products, food or plants with you, eCall 112-based emergency assistance from your vehicle, Package travel and linked travel arrangements, Timeshare and other long-term holiday contracts in the EU, Applying for permanent provision of services, Applying for temporary provision of services, Driving licence exchange and recognition in the EU, Driving licence renewal in another EU country, Car registration documents and formalities, Reporting presence for short stays (<3 months), Registering EU family members in another EU country, Registering your non-EU family members in another EU country, Permanent residence (>5 years) for EU nationals, Permanent residence (>5 years) for non-EU family members, Study abroad and scholarship opportunities, Unplanned healthcare: payments and reimbursements, Organising planned medical treatment abroad, Expenses and reimbursements: planned medical treatment abroad, Information points: planned medical treatment abroad, Buying medicine in another EU country or online, Prescriptions abroad: expenses and reimbursements, Maintenance obligations - support for family members, Property regimes for international couples, Getting your public documents accepted in the EU, Informal dispute resolution for consumers, Standard forms for social security rights, What to do if you cannot find work abroad, Publications Office of the European Union.

How to Get an EU Blue Card and work in Germany, 9 Steps – How to study at a German university. 3. The same applies to students and family members. An adult with no dependent family members or children currently receives up to 432 euros per month. Other measures in the new bill include a bridging benefit that will allow EU immigrants with no income a month's worth of rent and food money while they organize their return home, as well as a loan for their travelling expenses. You will keep this unique number all your life long. Or make an appointment at the German pension insurance.

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