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She thinks more info on this may be available at the Mawal tehsildar office. These factors contributed to an increase in pore pressure,” said Ramasamy. Boards and check-posts have been put up by the company, falsely claiming to be authorized by the Forest Department. Despite this, several ill-conceived projects like townships, windmill farms, large dams and river linking projects like Damanganga-Pinjal and Paar Tapi Narmada are proposed in the region. its a hilly terrain. Some of these dams entail huge tunnels under the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Plans for such farms in Ambegaon are in the pipeline. Although WGEEP had paved way for a more democratic, equitable and people-centred management of the region, the report was hidden, downplayed and finally rejected by the state as well as the central government. Along with distance, the gradient is also imp. Malin receives very heavy rainfall on the 29th July, 9 pm by NASA TRMMMalin receiving high rainfall on the 30th July 2014, 9 pm IST NASA TRMM It was surprising to read report from Down to Earth about “mere 4 mm rainfall in 24 hours” before the landslide, which is clearly not the case. Northern Western Ghats which are characterized by heavy rainfall, rich biodiversity and predominant tribal population need more sensitive management approach than what it is subjected to right now. Learn how your comment data is processed. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. There is only a limited number of images of the landslide on the web, most looking like this (source): With changing climate, frequency of such high intensity rainfall events is predicted to increase, making these areas even more vulnerable to disasters like landslides. Thanks a lot Girija, this is very important information. 3 Comments/Trackbacks », well this is 2018 and I am doing a project on landslides and I wanted to find a landslide that was really interesting but you did not really capture the real impact it had on the people of this particular village. If this occurs, then pore water pressures in the soil in the hollow can become very high, initiating failure. SANDRP’s report on Dams in Western Ghats for Mumbai:, 7. Key salient features of Dimbhe dam: Ht: 67.21 m; Lengh: 852 m;  Live Storage Capacity: 354 MCM (; Reservoir Area: 1754.7 ha.

An independent credible review of the way the land levelling activities are going on under government policies and programs should be immediately instituted and till its report is available, use of heavy machines like JCB may be minimised. Item SLIDE in the polygon attribute table landslide.pat takes a value of 1, which corresponds to label points within landslide polygons; an item value of 0 corresponds to label points within polygons (such as inliers) in which landslides are not found. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. hese cracks are a result of improper drainage system of rainwater. An ESZ I tag by the WGEEP report regulates a number of activities in the region, with participation of local communities. Your email address will not be published. In addition, excessive rain also became a lubricant between the hard rock and the loose soil.”. The data suggests that as much as 600 mm of precipitation may have affected this area prior to the landslide occurring. , Chandigarh , Dehradun, According to Anand Kapoor of NGO Shashwat active for decades in the region, a landslide had occurred earlier than that, where some cattle were buried and people had to be rescued. The landslide struck and effectively wiped out the village of Malin, located close to Bhimashankar in the western Ghats. Ranchi. Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved.

the simpler explanation is that modification of the slope made the soil mass unstable and then heavy rains saturated the soil and triggered a slide. If I was investigating this landslide I would be very interested in this hollow. The most critical issue that emerge from the discussion are related to the future utilization of land use and landslide hazard maps, the need for concentration of effects on soil water management, the importance of rehabilitating stream and reservoir reservation and the questions of scientific land use in the areas identified as landslide prone.

The nature is taking its toil. it is not at all clear how fluctuating water levels could cause changes in drainage patterns and groundwater flow at such a distance through the basalt rock. Not only are their rights under the Forest Rights Act not being recognized, they are being illegally restrained in their movements on hills they have inhabited for centuries.”. Over 5700 were reported dead and over 4,200 villages had been affected by the floods and post-floods landslide. The TRMM data can also be used to generate a time series graph for rainfall in the area of the landslide: TRMM time series precipitation graph for the Malin landslide. End Notes and Further Reading on Developmental Pressures on Western Ghats, specifically related to water: 1.

South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People. The landslide struck and effectively wiped out the village of Malin, located close to Bhimashankar in the western Ghats. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Added to this was the damage caused by use of heavy machinery over two years.” The Director General and Deputy Director General will be visiting the site on the 2nd and 3rd August for further analysis.

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