Foreman for sure was the hardest puncher, he didn't even need to put any pivot or weight transition into punches. Shavers is the hardest puncher of that heavyweight era.
Shavers had stronger one punch power, and Tyson faster power, but Foreman had devastating power and the ability to keep on you, There has not been a boxer since Tyson who has hit as hard as these three since, except maybe Wladmir Klitschko. Add Comment. Leroy Caldwell ( Muhammad Ali ( and Ron Lyle ( all of whom fought both George and Shavers agree that Shavers was the harder punch. Earnie Shavers had an absolute monster of a right hook/overhand right. If we're talking single punch, then out of those three the one that I'd least want to take a punch from is Shavers.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. He was also really good at cutting off the ring. level 2 Shavers was the heavier puncher. Tyson probably didn't hit the hardest out of the three, but his method of delivery was perhaps more devastating than either of the other two. Shavers , Foreman and Tyson in that order. Earnie Shavers had an absolute monster of a right hook/overhand right. He sparred with Stallone and went as light as he could until Stallone egged him on and he threw one body shot and Stallone crumbled and vomited his brains out. I generally regard Foreman as the strongest, hardest hitting fighter who set the bench mark.
Tyson strikes first, flooring Shavers twice in the first round.

Tyson had the best uppercut and left hook. Shavers had a scary right uppercut as evidenced in his fight with Jimmy Ellis and Ken Norton. Young Foreman is P4P the hardest puncher ever. Granted being a powerful puncher and being a knockout artist are two closely related but different things. Tyson would try to chase you down into range, but tended to lunge at you if he got frustrated. Foreman had that thudding, clobbering type of power that required no weight or speed behind the punches, but because of his large size and just God-given power, made his opponents fall over, Tyson did not hit as technically hard as Foreman or Shavers, but because he hit so fast, and because he transferred all his bodyweight behind his punches and threw them correctly and with flawless technique, his knockouts probably looked more devastating, If I absolutely had to pick out of the three, or in other words, which man I'd least like to be hit by, then I'd probably have to go with Foreman.

Replacement heavy bags. Depends on what punch. Tyson kayoes Earnie in 3 rounds. He could hit you with 3-4 punches in the time it took the other two to hit you with one. BN Staff. I can't imagine him having a huge edge over either guy but I can say in terms of technique and ability he was behind the other two. Each one had sort of specialties in regards to power punches. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Still don't understand why people think he's not overhyped in 2017. Beat young in 3. His name isn't on the list for no reason. I'm going with Foreman based purely on how his power carried him to a world championship in his freaking forties. Earnie was unfortunate in getting robbed against Muhammad Ali, and also unfortunate in having to face Larry Holmes. Foreman on the other hand lifted Fraizer of his feet he hit him so hard. Dude you think he's overhyped because he didn't hit you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Is this true or a new accepted reddit narrative because the only place I hear it is here. Tyson had the best uppercut and left hook. 2 Min Read. He beat Jerry Ellis and Ken Norton. He just threw a punch and your head was gone. With their powers combined you'd have yourself CAPTAIN PUNCHING POWER, boxing's hardest hypothetical hitter. It doesn't get more clear than first hand accounts like that. EXCLUSIVE Larry Holmes: Earnie Shavers hit harder than Mike Tyson. He took out norton and Ellis in one round. With their powers combined you'd have yourself CAPTAIN PUNCHING POWER, boxing's hardest hypothetical hitter. I also believe Ali, who had one of the goat chins, claimed Shavers hit incredibly hard, and this is a man who had been hit on the head by prime Foreman, Lyle, Liston, Frazier etc.

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