When relocating there are many options that need to be considered. The latter typically offer the best value for money deals and chain pubs such as Brewers Fayre, Harvester, Punch Taverns and Scream Pubs make an effort to serve a good selection of dishes at a reasonable price. This allows us to create an average cost of living index for each country. Compared to some other western European countries the tax thresholds in the UK are not bad although the higher cost of living accounts for the higher tax brackets. A litre there is just 8p. Expatica helps make your expat journey the experience you've always wanted. This guide covers the many choices you need to make in a move abroad. The UK housing market has begun to slow after years of unprecedented growth – with more expensive markets in particular seeing price increases stagnate.

At official Apple prices a 16GB 5c model costs £469 here and up to £500 in France and Germany. For more detailed information about the social security system in the UK, check out our comprehensive guide here. Out of eight different comparisons, only two are less expensive in the UK. As a result, energy bills in the UK cost more than other European countries.

Your choices will not impact your visit. If you’re thinking of moving to Spain, always ask locals, expat bloggers and fellow expats in Spain on what their everyday prices are like, particularly the area you’re moving to or looking to move to.
The tax bands are as follows: For more information about your potential tax liabilities in the UK, see our comprehensive guide. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. You can of course change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time, by returning to this site after clearing the cookies on your computer or device. Three-bedroom apartments in and out of the city centre are cheaper in Spain than they are in the UK. In Spain it is priced at £1.28 and in the UK it’s £2.30. According to figures produced by energy market regulator Ofcom, the average dual fuel (gas and electricity) variable tariff in April 2018 was £94.83 a month, or £1,138 a year. It is notoriously cheaper to live in Spain than it is in England – especially in the larger cities – but what type of costs are lower, and by how much? Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary are best for cheap booze. However, packages vary depending on the channel selection you want. By Anthony Bloom, who has first-hand experience of moving from the UK to Spain and runs a successful property business in Javea on the Costa Blanca coast. If you are making one-off journeys and know the dates you are travelling booking two or three weeks in advance using websites such as thetrainline can save you an average of 43% per journey. To get the latest average prices for staple products, check out this website. The cost of living in the south is typically higher than the north, but the salaries also reflect that. Healthcare insurance is not an obligation in the UK and most expats or native take out healthcare insurance because of the wide range of free treatments available on the NHS. Owning a car is also expensive in the UK thanks to relatively high fuel costs. Our own Wine & Spirits Trade Association says the “duty escalator” – now scrapped – was to blame for our high prices, with tax now taking up 57% of the cost of a bottle of wine and 79% of a bottle of vodka.

As an international student, one of the things you might be wondering about is the cost of living in UK. But as well as cheaper prices, you may also find yourself spending less money once you’ve moved to Spain due to lifestyle changes. If you have been living and working in the UK for more than 183 days, you are eligible to pay personal income tax.


Property in prime London locations costs an average £12,947 per square metre. If you plan to rent in London, a one-bedroom flat might cost between £1,200 and £1,600 a month. The AA says unleaded now costs us an average £1.30 per litre. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.

Cost of living in Madrid.

Costs in India and China are less than half ours. A taxi has the biggest difference – with a normal tariff going a distance of 1k, it is 0.86p in Spain and £1.54 in the UK. Most expats earning between £702–£3,863 a month will pay 12% to social security. For more information on economic indicators such as consumer inflation and tax news, visit the UK’s Office for National Statistics. To buy an apartment in a city centre, based on price per square meter, prices are an average of 2.69% cheaper in the UK, but for the same outside of city centre is 16.77% cheaper in Spain. "A fun compulsive read!" A pair of Levi 501s costs on average £55 on our high streets, compared to almost £80 in Sweden and £70 in Spain. A study by the Energy Collective looked at prices in 17 nations and we were the seventh dearest. 1 litre of milk is 0.69 p in Spain and 95 p in the UK.

But islanders in the Orkney region of Westray reduced their bills by an astonishing 90% by clubbing together to buy a wind turbine. The average university course costs £6,000 a year, but fees include other services such as private tutoring, access to information technology and various library services. estimate the cab fare with an online price finder. Transaction levels have also slowed a little as the UK continues to negotiate its exit from the EU. Utility bills are typically an additional expense.

The price of a bottle of wine in restaurants will typically start at a budget price of £5 to £10, but can be up to and over £100 in some restaurants. Moving on to a comparison of prices in supermarkets, and out of 16 criteria, the UK is only cheaper for one thing, local cheese. To calculate each city's Price Index value, we start by assigning a value of 100 to a central reference city (that happens to be Prague). Also, whereas in the UK you may have spent free time going to the cinema or shopping, in Spain you may be more inclined to spend free days out at the beach and on walks. Tuition fees range between £3,000–£9,000 around the country and up to £24,000 in London. Research comparing the costs of Spain and the UK has found that Spanish life is cheaper concerning accommodation, food, clothes, leisure, utilities, transport and education. Data from the European Commission shows that Britain has the cheapest clothes prices in Europe.

Lidl and Aldi stock a variety of quality products at reasonably low prices for budget shoppers whilst at the other end of the scale, Waitrose and Sainsbury cater towards the higher end of the market. If you start a job without being registered with social security, you have to pay emergency tax for the first month, which typically involves substantially overpaying taxes. Compare that to the Venezuelan capital Caracas where a bus trip costs only 7p to 17p. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. London house prices remain high, meaning a move to the big smoke often requires a bigger budget. expats are obliged to register for an NHS number. The cost of living in the UK is high compared to other countries, although in many cases, higher salaries can offer a comfortable lifestyle for some expats. As we’re squeezed by rising energy prices, dearer shopping bills and low wages, you might think the ordinary folk of Britain have got it pretty bad. According to Numbeo’s 2019 figures, the average cost of renting in a city centre in the UK is £712 for a one-bedroom apartment. Most expats will pay personal income tax directly from your monthly salary. The biggest price difference in the eating out category is for a regular cappuccino. However, if you are self-employed you are still obligated to submit a nil-return tax form. A 1 bed city centre apartment in the UK is an average of £650, whereas it is £428.18 in Spain. For those with separate providers, the average cost for gas was £48 a month (£572 a year), while the average electricity bill was £49 (£590 a year). To rent a tennis court for one hour on the weekend, however, is 2.69% cheaper in the UK. The UK also has an extensive rail network. The majority of expats arriving in the UK, come in search of jobs and an opportunity to expand their education. Expect to pay between £500 and £750 for a single room. Expats from other European Economic Area countries can also draw benefits earned in your native country upon retirement. Have a cookie A single fare with an Oyster Card is £1.50 on the bus and a minimum of £2.40 on the underground.

Good news at last. Although international schools represents the least disruption to your child’s education, they are also the most expensive. But that’s still only the ninth highest in Europe. Buses are particularly expensive and not always reliable.

Islands usually have higher costs because they import energy.

Do you need professional movers, friends and family or a mixture of the two? Cost of living prices at the country level is based on the average of all of the cities within that country.

From beer and bread to fuel and clothes, here’s how we fare in the global cost-of-living stakes... You may have been clobbered by an average 10% rise but Britain is not the most expensive country for energy. An annual season ticket from Woking to London, including using the Tube, cost £3,268. For three bedrooms in a city centre, the cost rises to £1,188, whilst outside the city is considerably cheaper at £923.

If you’re thinking of moving to Spain, property prices are going to be an important factor. Whilst London is arguably the destination of choice for expats arriving in the UK, the living costs in the capital are significantly higher than other parts of the country.

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