Different levels have different challenges. Cooking Frenzy is much more than just a, Cooking City: frenzy chef restaurant cooking games, Cooking Crush: New Free Cooking Games Madness, Flowmotion Entertainment: Restaurant Cooking Games, Crazy Chef: Fast Restaurant Cooking Games, Cooking Hot - Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games, Cooking Master Life :Fever Chef Restaurant Cooking, Cookies help us deliver our services. The Bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain XP (Experience Points). Hi, I am Chef John David. Redefine coloring games in the most relaxing way. Based on what we’ve seen, it looks like you’ll need to earn between 100-250 above the minimum score to earn a two star rating, and between 250-350 above the minimum score to earn a three star rating. Cooking City is a FREE restaurant game with fast-paced gameplay and strategy and simulation fun. Download and Play! At the start of a new restaurant, upgrade all the Kitchen and Interior items that don’t cost any gems. Of course, you can buy gems directly from Google Play. Continue placing $500 bets until you hit 15 gems within 5 more spins. Some customers specifically wait for a special treat (a treat icon will briefly appear by their order). Cook different Continental Food: Western, Italian Thai, Chinese, Indian and many more! Each level has a minimum points earning requirement in order to pass. When you have enough coins, place $500 bets until you win 15 gems. Upgrading equipment increases the portions serve and decrease the time to prepare the food item, Upgrading food items increases the price per portion, usually $1 more per upgrade. The Seafood Restaurant gives you 700 XP points for upgrading the aquarium, although it costs you 22 gems. 900 coins plus 2 gems for returning on day 7 and each day afterward. When starting a new restaurant, upgrade all Kitchen and Interior items that are coin-only upgrades (upgrades that don’t cost gems). If you find you don’t have enough time in a level to cook and serve all your customers, you will need to upgrade Interior items that increase a customer’s patience. Once you’ve reached Level 7 XP, the casino becomes available. We fused the popular collecting and diner dash gameplay styles together to offer you a different flavor of fun in this Cooking … Play the new cooking game! Click on the restaurant name in the list below to view detailed information about that restaurant’s levels, upgrades and other strategy tip or tricks. The later location you play, the greater XP you get, Investing in more expensive upgrades in the same category pays off, For customers requesting several dishes, serve one to make them wait longer, To get more tips, serve customers who are only asking for one dish first. Their happiness increases each time they are served, and they will wait longer for the rest of their items to be served. Instead, focus on just passing all the restaurant levels first. These are often one-time only and limited time (usually 72 hours) offers and you won’t get another chance to buy them later in the game. Coins and gems (some people call these “diamonds”) are earned during the course of playing the game. To use this hack you need to chose any cheat code from below and type it in Cooking Madness-Kitchen Frenzy game console. So play (or re-play higher levels) until you increase your XP. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are still early in the game with only 2 or 3 restaurants open. (2 for returning, 7 for advancing XP level, and 30 from casino – if played exactly 12 hours apart). The main screen is also where you can view and claim your restaurant’s Daily Income. The amount of XP earned for an upgrade is displayed on each item. Each upgrade increases waiting time by 2 seconds. Play the Casino after you claim your Daily Income. Upgrading this item ensures you get an increased price on every order of a meal.

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