As a rule of thumb, no keys, no money.

Note that if you turn down job offers or any training / further education made available to you, your benefits payments can be reduced or stopped altogether. However, you will need a real address to start working, because you can't get a tax ID without a fixed address, and you can't get paid without a tax ID. Welcome to Germany! The advantage of this country is that many of the universities provide free tuition fees for the candidates studying in Europe, so it becomes a dream for every student to pursue education from here.

They offer advice for free, and get paid a commission no matter which insurance you pick. are some of the most sought after positions in Canada. To reduce reliance on unemployment benefit II, parents can also apply for the supplementary child allowance (Kinderzuschlag). If you are only looking to live in Germany temporarily, I suggest that you start with my earlier article, From Montreal to Berlin. App store accounts. If you are not capable of earning (e.g. To find a more permanent place to stay, I recommend ImmobilienScout24. I also wrote a comparison of German banks for expats so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Beer bottles can be returned for a few cents, just like in Canada. The German economy lacks specialists, and demographic change will increase the shortage.

The prospects of landing a job are fair in both Germany and Canada. You will receive a letter of confirmation in the post, usually within two weeks. Start with this introduction to public and private health insurance. As always, make sure your luggage can get through Canadian and German customs.

The Federal Employment Agency also offers a start-up grant to those who wish to start their own business as a way out of unemployment. That is all I know about moving from Canada to Germany. Landlords usually ask for your last 3 pay slips, but my work contract sufficed. Now that you are on this side of the Atlantic, there is still a bit of work left for you. Alternatively, you can call their free hotline on 0800 4 555500 or register in person.

That's why you shouldn't waste money on travel insurance.

Have a look at our list of German tax consultants, advisors and accountants for expats. This is for the Kirchensteuer.

That was 9 months ago, and my account is still working, even though I never showed them anything.

For my 8 month internship, estimates varied from $500 to $1300.

If you don't have a job offer and are not a risk taker, I would take Germany without any doubt.

At this stage, you can also work out how much unemployment benefit you are likely to receive. During your appointment, you will be asked about your religion. As a rule of thumb, countries don't let people in without a motive. You can notify the Canadian government of your address changes by filling a simple form, and most provincial governments have similar procedures in place.

For instance, I have seen 3 different countries on my way to Montreal, and my tickets were still cheaper than a direct flight from Berlin. If you can get a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can work in Canada and possibly work your way to permanent residence.

Keep in mind that almost everything in Germany is paid in cash.

Info and tips for expats. I saved $200 on a flight that was not even listed on other sites, and the same flights were priced differently on separate websites. If you leave the country for over 183 days, you are no longer covered by your health insurance, and travel insurance requires you to be covered by the RAMQ. Costs of work permits in Germany. This can be done online on the Federal Employment Agency’s website. Essentially, it says that you should not have significant ties to Canada (apartment, credit cards, material possessions). Telecom in Europe is radically different from in Canada, so I think it deserves its own section. Now is a good place to read my superguide on moving to Berlin.

It's nearly free, and it's far more pleasant than wire transfers. No matter where you fly from, use as many fare comparison sites as you can. According to OECD data based on 2017, three quarters of people aged 15 to 64 in Germany had a paid job, well above the OECD employment average, and the unemployment rate was just 3.4%. The amount you receive, and the duration, depends on how long you have been contributing and the salary you received before you became unemployed. Your benefit will be 60% of your previous average wage (or 67% if you have children), up to a maximum of 6.900 euros per month in West Germany and 6.450 euros in East Germany. The job sections on the company websites are usually called “Stellenangebote”, “Karriere” or “Vakanzen”. If you reject an offer of employment or a place on a training course, your unemployment benefit might be reduced or stopped altogether. You will need to carefully compare their policies and see which makes the most sense for you. Yes. You are aged between 15 and the statutory retirement age. In Germany, health insurance is mandatory, and not being insured is illegal. For electronics, you have Saturn, Media Markt and Conrad.

Megabus is a cheap way to travel between cities.

For your proof of first housing, you can simply use a hotel reservation. You will need to bring: You can get this form from the employment office; alternatively, it is available to download, fill out and submit online.

You are able to work at least three hours a day under “normal conditions”. This includes deductions for: The amount of time for which you are entitled to receive unemployment benefit I depends on your age and how long you have been in employment and contributing to unemployment insurance before you became unemployed: Note that if you voluntarily leave your job (i.e. If you need a work visa to find a job in Germany, you must pay for it as part of the application process. Germany. Once you have found something, check out my guide on moving into an apartment.

Make sure you notify your banks (including PayPal) and your schools about your address change.

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