They eventually corner her and Jarvis, but Carter fights them off. Endure the terror with the help of our episodic breakdown of all of this season’s jump scares, alarming dolls, and weird cracks in the wall. The S.S.R. ), and the show’s new weekly format? She feigns ignorance, and the agents arrest Carter. Stark returns and explains that he had developed the gas, named Midnight Oil, to give American soldiers extra stamina during war, but it caused psychosis and lead to them killing each other. Lean the hell in, Peggy! Stark secretly reaches out to Carter, and asks her to help him clear his name. During the commotion, Dr. Ivchenko, who is actually working for Leviathan, hypnotizes Agent Yauch, who reveals that only Dooley can access Stark's weapons. Peggy needs Howard Stark to eliminate Zero Matter as they are faced with a mission none of them could come back from. Soviet soldiers attack the team and Thompson freezes under fire, but Carter ensures that they escape, along with imprisoned psychiatrist Dr. Ivchenko. Carter decrypts an encoded message, received from Leviathan through Demidov's typewriter, for the S.S.R., learning that Stark will be selling weapons to Leviathan at a Soviet military complex. The first season premiered on ABC from January 6 to February 24, 2015, with eight episodes. arrives. Before leaving, Brannis drops a nitramine bomb, and as Carter and Jarvis escape, it destroys the entire building. • Goose • Mar-Vell • Morgan Stark • J. Jonah Jameson, Netflix: Daredevil episode list • Jessica Jones episode list • Luke Cage episode list • Iron Fist episode list • The Defenders episode list • The Punisher episode list While being transported back to S.S.R. Please don’t kill anyone. We finally learn how Peggy became Agent Carter. agents Roger Dooley, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa later arrive to find Brannis's body, a woman's footprints, and a hotel key. Peggy and Sousa propose a trade with Whitney Frost, while the SSR gets help from Howard Stark that may be the key to eliminating Zero Matter. Looking at photographs Carter takes of the weapons, he identifies one of them as the Blitzkrieg Button, which he claims can cause a permanent blackout throughout the city. Marvel's Agent Carter, or simply Agent Carter, is an American television series based on the Marvel Comics character Peggy Carter.It was produced by Marvel Television and aired on the ABC network.. Carter later discards Rogers' blood in the East River, finally moving on with her life, while Fennhoff is imprisoned with the scheming Arnim Zola. After learning that Brannis and Demidov were supposed to have died during the Battle of Finow, Dooley travels to Germany to speak with the Nazi colonel who lead the opposing forces, and though he doesn't learn how Brannis and Demidov survived, Dooley does discover that their Soviet forces were seemingly massacred before the Nazis even arrived. Carter and Jarvis are forced to leave him behind as the S.S.R. Stark believes that Ivchenko – real name Johann Fennhoff – blames Stark for the ensuing massacre, and allows the S.S.R. Soundtracks: The Avengers • Iron Man 3 • Thor: The Dark World • Captain America: The Winter Soldier • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. So why does it feel so goofy? If Agent Carter had ended with the first season, the finale would certainly be the best episode of the series. • Hawkeye • Ms. Marvel • Moon Knight • She-Hulk Keep up with all the drama from your favorite shows, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Agent Carter Season Finale: ’Til We Meet Again, Agent Carter Recap: It Came From Crate 17, Agent Carter Recap: The Sordid Second Act. Ivchenko hypnotizes Dooley and has him steal one of Stark's weapons from the S.S.R. Dooley jumps out a window moments before the device detonates, killing him but saving the others. Marvel One-Shots: Item 47 • Agent Carter • All Hail the King Yauch shows Ivchenko how to get out of the S.S.R., before Ivchenko forces him to commit suicide. The series adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel is no longer moving forward. Hulu: Runaways episode list Villains: Whiplash • Justin Hammer • Red Skull • Loki Laufeyson • Thanos • Aldrich Killian • Trevor Slattery • Eric Savin • Malekith • Algrim • The Winter Soldier • Alexander Pierce • Crossbones • Arnim Zola • The Other • Nebula • Ronan the Accuser • Collector • Ulysses Klaw • Ultron • Franklin Hall • Leader • Abomination • Baron Strucker • Ellen Brandt • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin • Kilgrave • Baron Zemo • Cottonmouth • Black Mariah • Shades • Diamondback • Baron Mordo • Kaecilius • Bride of Nine Spiders • Ego the Living Planet • Ayesha • Taserface • The Vulture • Shocker • Tinkerer • Maximus • Hela • Erik Killmonger • Ghost • Sonny Burch • Yon-Rogg • Dr. Minn-Erva • Supreme Intelligence • Ebony Maw • Corvus Glaive • Proxima Midnight • Cull Obsidian • Morgan le Fay • Taskmaster

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