“We can hold social gatherings of up to 10 people and restaurants are open,” says Barrionuevo.

[268], Through the beginning of September, several journalists, hosts, crew and famous personalities from television and radio tested positive for the virus. Despite the protests, a vast majority of Argentines were supportive of the lockdown, according to polls.

Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by jurisdiction in Greater Buenos Aires. The total number is provided by the national. [108], A COVID-19 hyperimmune serum based on equine polyclonal antibodies was developed by Argentine biotech company Inmunova. Local authorities are still in charge of applying new restrictions in each territory. Only flights carrying cargo and those involved in the repatriation of citizens will be allowed to operate, the government said. [102][103][104] One month later, Fernández announced that the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca (AZD1222) would begin production alongside Mexico after an agreement with the British pharmaceutical company and the biotechnology company mAbxience. Aug [257][258][259], A fundraising special show aimed to the Red Cross for supplying hospitals and health centers aired throughout all six broadcast networks (América TV, Televisión Pública, El Nueve, Telefe, El Trece and Net TV) on 5 April. La odisea de los camioneros en la pandemia", "Camioneros cortan la ruta 34 por abusos en los controles en Santiago del Estero", "Un hombre murió al intentar cruzar una barricada entre San Luis y Córdoba", "Nerves fray in Argentina, where some flout pandemic lockdown", "Tucumán: Probe into police opened after man 'suffocated' during arrest", "Facundo Astudillo Castro's disappearance: How the search unfolded", "ARGENTINA: DISAPPEARED DURING COVID-19 QUARANTINE", "La ONU reclamó al Estado una "estrategia integral" para hallar a Facundo Castro", "«La APDH se reunió con representantes de Oficina Regional para America del Sur del Alto Comisionado de la ONU para los DDHH sobre el caso de desaparición forzada y asesinato de Luis Espinoza", "Quarantine extension: new permits, more checkpoints, less public transport", "Murió Solange, la joven enferma de cáncer que no pudo despedirse de su padre en Córdoba", "Un jubilado murió en la ruta luego de que le negaran el ingreso a La Pampa para ser atendido de urgencia", "Camioneros de Salta tildan de "inhumano" fajar los vehículos", "Commercial flights to and from Argentina could restart in October", "IATA Calls on Argentine Government to Support Aviation in the Face of COVID-19 Crisis", "Coronavirus: la televisión de aire crece en rating y cambia su programación", "Cocina, música y cine, ¿las claves de la televisión en tiempos de coronavirus? [10], The third phase of the lockdown was announced on 25 April by president Fernández.

"The only medicine we have found so far is to limit the movement of people and the face-to-face meeting of people as much as possible," Fernandez said. REUTERS/Agustin MarcarianReuters. This big jump was due to a revision on the definition of a recovery, which now included (among the discharged from the hospitals) mild cases in which the system would automatically discharge 10 days after the symptom onset date.

Argentina Sticks With COVID-19 Lockdown Focused in and Around Buenos Aires More People enjoy the day at the shore of the Rio de la Plata river, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in …

[168], Since 1 April, the government allowed the return of Argentine residents stranded abroad, with a maximum of 700 passengers per day. [9], The announcement of the lockdown was generally well received, although there were concerns with its economic impact in the already delicate state of Argentina's economy, with analysts predicting at least 3% GDP decrease in 2020. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. The combis and mini-buses services will also begin to work again since the begin of the mandatory lockdown. [189] Three months later, on 3 August, the Ministry of Education confirmed that the provinces of Catamarca, San Juan and Santiago del Estero would begin a process of returning to class under a system that would involve dividing students into groups that could attend classrooms in weekly shifts. Border agents recorded the highest number of apprehensions during any September since 2006. [264] Later, three producers from Telefe's El Precio Justo were also diagnosed, making the show to enter on hiatus and schedule reruns to air instead. According to the Argentinian Intensive Care Society, there are only 1,350 physicians trained for that specialty. This led to a recovery rate of 70% of confirmed COVID-19 cases through the date.

Buenos Aires is planning a gradual reopening starting on Friday, despite reporting the highest incidence of coronavirus in Argentina. [158][159][160] Other reports also indicate that the economy might shrink between 10% to 12% during 2020.

[42][43], On 15 March, it was announced that the government would close its borders for a total of 15 days to non-residents and national parks, and the suspension of public and private school classes in all levels and flights from highly affected countries for 30 days.

In the first 15 days of September, the provinces of Córdoba, Jujuy, La Rioja, Mendoza, Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Tierra del Fuego and Tucumán registered exponential increases in their number of cases, with most of them showing high strain on their healthcare systems. Until recently, Argentina’s protracted coronavirus lockdown was marked by an unusual degree of harmony, as the country’s perennially squabbling political factions came together to contain the spread of Covid-19. [14] May ended with 16,838 confirmed cases, 539 deaths and 5,323 recoveries. [24][25] The number of tests increased over time, although there were some concerns as there was less testing than in other countries of the region such as Chile and Peru.

[109][110], During the first weeks of the pandemic, people across the country used to applaud from balconies, terraces and windows of their houses and buildings at 9 p.m., in order recognize the effort and work of health professionals, a demonstration similar to the ones that occurred during the pandemic in Spain and Italy. [15] On 26 June, Fernández announced that the restrictions on movement in this area that were previously eased would be tightened again until 17 July due to a large spike in cases on the previous days.

If you get sick in Argentina and need medical care, resources may be limited. Aug The former vice president has become the Democratic front-runner with primary victories across the country.
[87], On 17 April, a clinical trial based on plasma donation of recovered patients from COVID-19 was created to find out if the antibodies of a recovered patient could benefit those who are being infected.

Telefe also announced that talk show Cortá por Lozano would be broadcast with the hostess and panelists from their homes as a preventive measure. Some countries in South America, including Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, have moved to temporarily suspend commercial flights, according to Reuters, but Argentina's ban is by far the toughest of the region. [166], After announced a mandatory quarantine to every person that returned to Argentina from highly affected countries,[42][43] the government closed its borders, ports, and suspended flights. [96] Another SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit with RT-qPCR technology was approved in September by ANMAT, while a new kit under development (as of that date), would allow the joint detection of SARS-CoV-2 and the viruses that cause influenza. [18] July concluded with 191,289 confirmed cases, 3,543 deaths and 83,767 recoveries.

[156], Measures also have been aimed at encouraging bank lending through lower reserve requirements on bank lending to households and SMEs, regulations that limit banks' holdings of central bank paper to provide space for SME lending, temporary easing of bank provisioning needs and of bank loan classification rules, and a stay on both bank account closures due to bounced checks and credit denial to companies with payroll tax arrears. [111], Since late-May, a few protesters began to rally in Buenos Aires to demand end of the lockdown, ignoring social distancing rules, and with the call to prioritise the re-opening of Argentina's economy and some conspiratorial overtones, due to the small and medium-size businesses and self-employed workers' economic struggle during this time. [217] Some government members initially refused evictions of occupied land,[218] but days later turned into a more critical view. [277], After months of uncertainty,[278][279] a tentative date for the return of football was announced. If you get exposed to a person with COVID-19 while abroad, you may be quarantined or not be permitted to return to the United States until 14 days after your last exposure. [187] Later, the government announced that was evaluating how they would open the schools in the future, and that they were working on the distribution of netbooks to students that do not have access to computers, with the criteria for distributing them based on socioeconomic indicators. [40], The Ministry of Health confirmed the country's first death from coronavirus in the country on 7 March, a 64-year-old man who had travelled to Paris who also had other health conditions. [199], In the Buenos Aires' Atlantic coast, a popular summertime vacation place, there was a wave of thefts against summer houses.

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