What was the outcome of the battle of antietam? FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. It was the bloodiest and most confusing part of the battle with over 8.000 casualties in just a few hours the fighting at Antietam also occurred around an old sunken Farm Road Confederates holding the road used it to stop numerous waves of Union attackers before they were driven from the position. Log in here for access. It was a state which was still in the union yet portions of Maryland sympathize with the Confederate because I September 6th. This is due in part to the swirling complexity of the fighting there. The Confederate invasion of Maryland had been ended and the war goes on for Abraham Lincoln. Anticipating just such an advance, Stonewall Jackson positioned two brigades east from his main north-south line facing north toward the Cornfield the evening before the battle. Because of heavy losses at the Battle Lee’s Confederate Army was forced to retreat to Virginia on September 18th and 19th. In pursuit of this invading Confederate force was the Union Army of the Potomac led by Major General George Briton. because Lee retreated from from the b. The battle lifted sagging Union morale. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 92 lessons cause he made a mistake Union Major General Joseph Hooker led his own I Corps and Major General Joseph K. F. Mansfield’s Federal XII Corps in spearheading the opening attack.

url("//cdn2.editmysite.com/fonts/SQ_Market/sqmarket-medium.woff") format("woff"); Yet, Antietam is best known for its casualties and loss of life. What was the outcome of the battle of antietam? font-style: normal; Wiley’s Army escaped to live and fight again another day.

Such loss is difficult to comprehend today. © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. Learn how your comment data is processed. In total, about 22,000 troops from both sides lay dead.

Study.com has thousands of articles about every On September 18, rather than pressing the fight against Lee’s badly decimated forces, McClellan allowed their retreat while writing to his wife: “Those in whose judgment I rely tell me that I fought the battle splendidly & that it was a masterpiece of art.” An impatient Lincoln, whom McClellan once described as a “well-meaning baboon,” wasn’t among those stroking the general’s ego. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. Ten times the Cornfield changed hands before Hooker finally adapted. The 12-hour clash created 21,699 casualties, killed 3,654, and turned many innocuous spots around quiet Sharpsburg, Maryland into national icons of death and suffering, including the Burnside Bridge , the Sunken Road , the West Woods, and the Cornfield . The Battle of Antietam was fought entirely in one day - September 17th, 1862. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? The Odd Couple – How Many Times Have England and France Joined Forces? The former was significant because a large portion of Lee's army was absent from the start of the battle of Antietam, attending to the surrender of the Union garrison; the latter because stout Confederate defenses at two passes through the mountains delayed McClellan's advance enough for Lee to concentrate the remainder of his army at Sharpsburg.

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